Birth Doula Package

From the moment you hire me as your birth doula, you get access to the following services:

2 Prenatal Visits

birth plan,  comfort measures, intention.

On-phone and On-line Support

From the moment you hire me, I will be available for .. support during business hours.

24/7 On Call Availability

One month I will be available for you 24/7

Labor Support

I will be by your side until your baby is born. My labor support includes coaching, massage. While I do not directly advocate for you and do not serve as  a media.. between you and your provider, I help you to navigate your communication with the provider to ensure your best interests and in accordance with your birth choices.

Basic Breastfeeding Support

As bay is born, I will help you to initiate breastfeeding, if breastfeeding is your choice.

Postpartum Visit

In the first few weeks after your birth, I will visit you at your home or hospital. At the postpartum visit, we will talk through your birth story. We will identify what your immediate needs are and I will share relevant resources with you. I will suggest an appropriate diet and postpartum routine. I will do screening for postpartum anxiety and depression, and provide referrals if needed.

omdoulaBirth Doula Package