Kind words

Olga was very supportive before, during and after the labor. She never skipped one single detail that I asked for. My labor room looked like a vacation suite with all the candles and essential oils in the air. I don’t think I could have managed a natural birth without her.

Nefise Alabulut

Olga was there for us 100% from the moment I went into labor, through a difficult car ride to the hospital and long into the night after the delivery. Her peaceful, loving presence and gentle encouragement made Aila’s birth the most beautiful experience we had together.

Ola & Clay DeKorne

Huge thanks to Olga from me, my husband and little baby Savva. It is my second child, with my first I had c-section, so this time Vbac was my goal. I made it with Olga’s help! From the day one she was very helpful and supportive. She provided us with really important information so we made right decisions about birth plan and all the getting ready part. During the labor Olga helped me to go through contractions, supported me and actually was the leader of our small delivery team. The doctor and healthcare team at the hospital were fantastic as well, but it’s impossible to overstress the importance of Olga’s work, her support, care and professionalism. When you go to the hospital well informed, well prepared and with a clear plan, that’s a completely different story).
Vbac was not easy for me at all, but after 3 weeks I don’t remember pain, I remember the magic of giving birth to a beautiful human being. And I am so thankful to our doula for letting us have this experience and these memories.

Ira Vlasova, Dima, Vera and Savva

Olga is very helpful and resourceful. She was there whenever and wherever I needed her both in daytime and in the middle of the night. She has the best quality in following up and answering my questions. In addition she was informative on how to prepare before going to the delivery room. Thanks to her I knew what items I needed to prepare and take to the delivery room. She described to me the different options I might face in good detail. She clarified most of my doubts and helped me to prepare to ask questions in the delivery room. She also helped me practice on the different techniques I could use to lessen the pain during labor. She also advised me on my nutrition before and after the delivery. During delivery she stayed all through the night with me and advised, supported and helped me go through it all. Having Olga before and duing labor and birth is the best decision I have ever made.

Bezawit Haile

Olga has been a professional, knowledgeable and helpful doula for us for the first 3 months of our daughter’s life.  Olga was always very punctual, could offer advice on a range of baby care and sleep questions, and when she could not, she would do research and send me additional links and information the next day.  She is a warm and caring person that treats every baby like family. She also took the initiative to help beyond feeding and staying with the baby overnight — she would clean and sterilize all bottles and even clean our dishes left in the sink, which was such a big help for us.  Finally, she was also professional and knowledgeable about breastfeeding and maternal care and helped with any issues that came up, offered advice and outside research as needed.  Based on this, I could also see how she would be an excellent birth doula.

I highly recommend Olga to all mothers and I hope I will have the chance to work with her again in the future.

Penelope Fidas

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