Prenatal Visit – You get to know your doula, and your doula get to know you. You and your birth companion (if applicable) work together with a doula to create a birth plan based on your intentions and preferences, as well as discuss breathing and relaxation techniques, labor positions and other comfort measures.

Unlimited off-site support – In addition to the scheduled visits, after you hire a doula, she will available for unlimited daytime support via phone or e-mail.

24/7 On-Call Availability – Your doula will be on call for you 24/7, starting 2 week prior your due date up to the time you go into labor.

Labor Support – Your doula will be by your side from the time you request her support until your baby is born. Labor support is tailored individually for each client and may include emotional, physical and spiritual support, coaching, light touch massage, labor positions, aromatherapy, as well as support offered to your partner, when applicable.

Follow-up Postpartum Visit –
In the first few weeks after your birth, your doula will visit you at your home or hospital. This visit can be in-person or via a video call, depending on your choice and needs. Your doula will be available to answer your questions and share resources that you need for up to 4 weeks after your labor.


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