Evidence-Based Knowledge, Intentionality & The Power of Here and Now.

My Balanced Approach in Guiding You to a Beautiful Birth & Postpartum Experience.


  • Olga is very helpful and resourceful. She was there whenever I needed her to be both in daytime and in the middle of the night. She has the best quality in following up and answering my questions.

    Bezawit Haile
  • Olga was there for us 100% from the moment I went into labor, through a difficult car ride to the hospital and long into the night after the delivery. Her peaceful, loving presence and gentle encouragement made Aila’s birth the most beautiful experience we had together.

    Ola & Clay DeKorne
  • Olga was very supportive before, during and after the labor. She never skipped one single detail that I asked for. My labor room looked like a vacation suite with all the candles and essential oils in the air. I don't think I could have managed a natural birth without her.

    Nefise Yavuzer

You deserve a mindful birth!

Welcome! My name is Olga Morkova. I am a certified birth and postpartum doula. I have attended Hypnobirthing classes and have a first-hand experience in Hypnobirthing technique, using it during my daughter’s birth. I support all birthing philosophies, and provide unbiased and compassionate care for her clients whether they want to have medicated or unmedicated births. I speak English, Russian and Ukrainian.
I believe that the best doula is the one you trust and feel comfortable to share one of the most important moments in your life with. Schedule a free consultation with me to determine whether we are a good match!